Wednesday, September 29, 2010


On Saturday, the 5 year old had another T-ball game that we traveled to and boy were we glad we did, he got the game ball for his hitting! We decided to bring the little guy home with us after the ballgame so we could take him back to T-Rex as we had promised. We let the five year old build a dinosaur when he turned three so the little guy wasn't going to let us forget that it was his turn. After church Sunday, we headed back to T-Rex in Orlando. He initially picked out a purple and pink dinosaur that had sparkles in the material but Pop Pop talked him into a ugly brown one. We had about 500 hundred outfits to pick from and we thought he would pick out the baseball uniform but instead he picked out a superdino outfit. After we spent about an hour working on his "super dino", (which is the name he wanted on his birth certificate) we decided to walk around downtown Disney. We checked out the Lego store. It is amazing what can be built with Lego's. I am attaching several pictures of things made of Lego's that are quite impressive. Of course, the little guy wasn't as impressed as we were but I will have pictures in his photo album to share when he gets older. He has slept with his super dino every night and is ready to go back and make another one.


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