Wednesday, September 29, 2010


On Saturday, the 5 year old had another T-ball game that we traveled to and boy were we glad we did, he got the game ball for his hitting! We decided to bring the little guy home with us after the ballgame so we could take him back to T-Rex as we had promised. We let the five year old build a dinosaur when he turned three so the little guy wasn't going to let us forget that it was his turn. After church Sunday, we headed back to T-Rex in Orlando. He initially picked out a purple and pink dinosaur that had sparkles in the material but Pop Pop talked him into a ugly brown one. We had about 500 hundred outfits to pick from and we thought he would pick out the baseball uniform but instead he picked out a superdino outfit. After we spent about an hour working on his "super dino", (which is the name he wanted on his birth certificate) we decided to walk around downtown Disney. We checked out the Lego store. It is amazing what can be built with Lego's. I am attaching several pictures of things made of Lego's that are quite impressive. Of course, the little guy wasn't as impressed as we were but I will have pictures in his photo album to share when he gets older. He has slept with his super dino every night and is ready to go back and make another one.


Birthday Party at Preschool

Last week the little guy's Mom and Dad decided to take him out of one of his preschools. Nothing against the school, he just wasn't happy there. It was the all day, 8:00-4:00 that had him so upset. He called it his "long" school and the other one (9:00-12:00) is his "short" school. He cried on the weekends when he would ask if he had to go to the "long" school, he cried before bed, he cried when he woke up, he cried when he was dropped off, he cried during the day at the "long" school. His brother went there last year and their parents were very pleased. The only thing he would tell us is that he didn't want to stay there all day and lay down on his mat and take a nap there. Sometimes, it just isn't worth it! His Mom and Dad have made other arrangements and he is very pleased with that.

However, he loves his "short" school where KK picks him up after only three hours. The school really downplays birthdays. I guess all the hoopla gets the kids hyped up and out of their routine. They do allow you to bring in a special snack to share so that is exactly what we did. The little guy's brother has severe food allergies so the allergist recommended that he stay away from all artificial food dyes and tree nuts since those are the things that have caused brother's anaphalatic reactions and sent him to the hospital. Their Mommy has gotten very creative with coloring icing with fruits and veggies. (The best icing is made with fresh peeled strawberries but it is a beautiful shade of pink and unfortunately we aren't baking for little girls!) There are a couple of colors you can purchase at the health food store that are "safe" but they cost around $12.00 for a 1-2 oz. bottle. We get sprinkles for them that are expensive enough.

He wanted spider man cupcakes so Mommy did the best she could. They tasted yummy and the kids and teachers loved them. He had balloons and blowers for each child.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Miles turns 3!

Last weekend we celebrated a birthday at T-Rex restaurant in Disney for our little guy. He is the baby of the family so it is hard to believe that he has turned three! They don't take reservations but while waiting to be seated, kids can take off their shoes and go into a pit of tiny gravel and dig for dinosaur bones. During dinner, there is a meteor shower every 20 minutes, the lights dim and all the dinosaurs come alive and roar and swing their heads around. The boys really enjoy eating with the dinosaurs. After lunch, we took the party outside to a bench so he could open his gifts. While he likes dinosaurs, he loves superheros and was so excited when he opened a spider man and a batman costume. He also got a soccer ball, clothes, a jumbo foam domino set, a superhero car and a superhero sticker book. It was too crowded in the build-a-dinosaur store to let him pick out a dinosaur to build so we promised him that we would come back and do that as soon as we get a chance.

After the party, we headed across town to a little league baseball game that his cousin was playing in. It was a long day but it was great spending time together as a family and building those memories.

Digging for bones!

Passing the time waiting for our food!

Yum! Yum!

The Kindergartner had to bring "Moondog" along. Each weekend someone in his class has to take him home and write a journal about their adventures.

Group hug with cousin and brother.

Chatting with his cousin during the game.

He is checking to see if "luv bugs" bite, on his Batman laptop.

Before we could go home, we had to shake all of the bugs out of the bottle so they wouldn't die! Gotta love kids!

After the game the little one likes to be right in the middle of the team.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Things Kids Say...

When I pick the kindergartner up from school, I am always amazed at the things that come out of his mouth. He is quite a talker and right now most of what he says is true. (at least, I think it is) When he exaggerates the truth, he usually says, "Ahh, I'm just kidding"! Today, when he jumped in the car, he said, "guess what?" When I acknowledged, he said, Leah wasn't at school today. She went to heaven to see her grandma and her family drove in a car cause it's a long way." Assuming that her grandmother died, I responded with, Well, I am sorry to hear that her grandmother passed away but I am glad she is in heaven because God will take really good care of her. That quickly led to something else. Well KK, God is not as strong as superman. That upset the three year old and he said that God is stronger then any of the super hero's. Well, said the 5 year old, he can't lift all the TV's in the whole world. Well said the three year old, he can lift 4 TV's at the same time. They always make me smile! I feel so blessed to have them in my life.