Monday, September 6, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend

One KK, one Pop Pop, two active little boys and a long labor day weekend! Whew! Who needs the gym? Saturday afternoon we hit our first park. We started off the weekend with a busted lip. The five year old was spinning on some equipment, jumped off while dizzy, fell and hit his lip on the base of it. He's our rough and tough one but usually freaks at the site of blood (on himself). He said can you believe I'm not freaking out, that's because I turned 5 now. Well, what do you know, maybe he's growing up on us. While I was checking out the injury and Pop Pop had gone to the car to get a paper towel, I turned to check on the little guy and caught him just before he relieved himself.

Sunday afternoon we went out to Stanley Pond Farms, located in Astatula. A retired couple live there and have created an amazing place for kids to visit. They also grow and sell day lilies on the grounds. Admission is free but if you want to do the "fun stuff" you purchase tokens. You can ride horses, Skippy the air boat, a cow train, a hayride or play on a huge sand pile. We did everything there several times. They have stocked the pond with catfish, bass and brim and beginning October 1, you can pay $10 per child and fish all day. They have an indoor area with games and a play area and they have a huge gazebo for birthday parties or celebrations.

While we were on the hayride, a torrential downpour came out of nowhere. We had to seek shelter for about 30 minutes before heading back. The boys had a blast playing in the rain. So much that I am sure they will be disappointed if we go back and it doesn't rain. I think the boys brought enough sand home in their hair and clothes to fill their own sandbox.

Today, we headed to Sanford to the Central Florida Zoo. When we were there last month, we noticed the obstacle course that wound through the trees around the zoo.We promised the boys we would come back another day to do the "hang gliding", as they call it. Well, the requirement is 36" tall (which he is) but they have upped the age to 4. Needless to say, the 2 year old was disappointed he wasn't going to be able to do it. He cheered up when he realized he could follow along and pick up sticks and "stuff" on a nature walk under the course. The five year old thinks he is a super hero already so this was right up his alley. When we were turning in his harness, they ask us to complete a survey that ask his favorite part of the course. He said it was the part where you didn't have anything to hold on to and you had really tiny boards to step on because you might actually fall off. I didn't even need to ask, I knew that would be his favorite part.

We took the two hour trip through the forest to take them home and kept them awake by looking for bear and deer. They are back in St. Augustine now and sound asleep. Sweet dreams little guys. We hope you have had as much fun as KK and Pop Pop.

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