Sunday, September 26, 2010

Miles turns 3!

Last weekend we celebrated a birthday at T-Rex restaurant in Disney for our little guy. He is the baby of the family so it is hard to believe that he has turned three! They don't take reservations but while waiting to be seated, kids can take off their shoes and go into a pit of tiny gravel and dig for dinosaur bones. During dinner, there is a meteor shower every 20 minutes, the lights dim and all the dinosaurs come alive and roar and swing their heads around. The boys really enjoy eating with the dinosaurs. After lunch, we took the party outside to a bench so he could open his gifts. While he likes dinosaurs, he loves superheros and was so excited when he opened a spider man and a batman costume. He also got a soccer ball, clothes, a jumbo foam domino set, a superhero car and a superhero sticker book. It was too crowded in the build-a-dinosaur store to let him pick out a dinosaur to build so we promised him that we would come back and do that as soon as we get a chance.

After the party, we headed across town to a little league baseball game that his cousin was playing in. It was a long day but it was great spending time together as a family and building those memories.

Digging for bones!

Passing the time waiting for our food!

Yum! Yum!

The Kindergartner had to bring "Moondog" along. Each weekend someone in his class has to take him home and write a journal about their adventures.

Group hug with cousin and brother.

Chatting with his cousin during the game.

He is checking to see if "luv bugs" bite, on his Batman laptop.

Before we could go home, we had to shake all of the bugs out of the bottle so they wouldn't die! Gotta love kids!

After the game the little one likes to be right in the middle of the team.


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