Friday, September 3, 2010

No Tears Today Please

KK is back home now and Mommy and Daddy have school duty today. (Whew! Don't know if I could have done it one more day!) It has been a rough week with school(for me) and the little guy. We started out in the floor of the car before I coaxed him out to get into the car seat. Grandmothers don't like tears! We just want to fix it but nothing seemed to be working this week. I pulled out all my silly "stuff" and bribery and even though he would buy into it for a few minutes, he would revert back to the tears and begging me not to leave him. It was soooo hard leaving those big blue eyes filled with those big crocodile tears. When I picked him up he did seem to be having a good time dancing with the other 2 year olds. (even though the teacher said he had been crying and asking when KK would be back to get him) They have "dress up" the last 10 minutes of class and he was a sight to behold. He had on basically the same outfit both days with the exception of the top half of a cheerleader uniform on one of the days. Oh and he was wearing fireman boots and a few other pieces of clothing I did not recognize. I want to share a few pictures with you and I am sure you Mommy's and grandmothers out there have had a few of these tearful moments. Oh, by the way, his mommy saw Wednesday's blog and sent me a message last night saying, now she realizes why he doesn't want to go to school. ( she said she would like to stay "home" with KK too!) Pop Pop is having withdrawals as he has not seen his little boys for three weeks. Guess who will be staying with us this Labor Day weekend?? Pop Pop and I will be getting them Saturday afternoon right after T-ball practice. We have some fun things planned so you can surely expect to see pics in my upcoming blog.


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