Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hangin with my little guy!

Oh the joys of being a grandmother! After getting the kindergartner off to school this morning, the little guy and I headed out for a day of fun and sun. I told him it was his day and we would do whatever he wanted to do ( within the perimeters of St. Augustine). He wanted to go to the "pirate ship" park and the beach (and get a toy, of course). There is a great park near his home and the boys refer to it as the "pirate ship" park because there is a big wooden ship on the playground. We packed a couple of snacks, water and apple juice and headed out. After spending about an hour at the park, playing, feeding the ducks, and taking pictures, (I am posting a pic of me that the two year old actually took and he almost got my face in the pic.), we headed for the beach! Oops, KK forgot the sand bucket but I did happen to have a plastic bag in the trunk of the car for our shells. He has a little head cold so I didn't bother putting his bathing suit in this time. Hurricane Earl is kickin up the ocean quite a bit so there were signs posted to stay out of the water anyway. (Didn't stop those surfers, you know, hurricanes create the "best" surf conditions!) It wasn't a very good day for picking up shells, tide was all the way in, so we only spent about an hour before giving it up and heading to one of our favorite stops. (That was my idea!) He either orders an original with fresh diced mango and strawberries or just an original plain. Today was a plain day. After yogurt, we went down by the bay to watch the workers repair the bridge.
He loves to read, draw, color, paint (basically, do anything that involves markers or the little water pens that color on those special paint books) so I knew I would be able to afford the "toy" he would choose. He did not let me down, he picked out a poster with markers that could be erased and colored over and over again.

Before going home, we had a couple more stops. First was Publix! I consider it my second home! We got our groceries then headed to the elementary school to pick up his big brother. The kindergartner explained to me all the way home that his teacher had written a long note and put it in his folder and in his words, it wasn't about him not being a good listener like the day before. It was only for not following directions. The reason he wasn't following directions is because he didn't know what directions he was supposed to be following. He said, when it's that kind of not following directions, you are not supposed to get in trouble for it. He is so full of it, sometimes he can almost convince me he knows what he is talking about. I just listen, smile and say, okay, Mommy and Daddy will take care of it when they get home. (Been there, done that, not my job anymore!) Funny when Mommy got home and checked the folder, the teacher did write a long note and he was right, he wasn't following directions. Seems as though, Mommy had sent a note to the teacher asking why the Ziploc bags, markers and glue sticks she had ask for in the "open house" letter kept coming back in his backpack. Guess he was supposed to take them out and put them in a specified place in the classroom. In other words, he had not been following directions. He didn't get into trouble, just a little lesson in why you need to listen and follow instructions.
I tried to help him with his homework yesterday and when Mom checked it, she let me know that I had shown him the wrong way to do one page. I also had made him do all 12 pages as the note said to do them before Wednesday. Well, I said, it is Wednesday. Not today Mom, by next Wednesday. Oops! Oh well, right or wrong, he is done with it and now she doesn't have to worry about forgetting. Right ? Okay, so maybe KK's not smarter than a kindergartener, but she can cook. (and she knows how to have a really fun day!)
Amazingly, with those two monkeys, I managed to prepare dinner for us and the neighbors. (They just returned from South Carolina and her Mother's funeral). They are a sweet young couple with two adorable children. I prepared chicken and dumplins, rice, fried okra, green beans, broccoli corn bread and peach cobbler. (All homemade mind you and I snapped the green beans myself.)

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  1. What is it with little boys and their shoes? I notice him taking his shoes off on the playground and My Son does that all the time! I don't always appreciate the cuteness, but it's SO adorable!