Saturday, September 11, 2010

First T-Ball Game

Our 5 year old had his very first T-ball game at 9:00 this morning which meant that KK and Pop Pop had to leave their house at 6:45 to trek through the woods and make it by game time. I am not complaining because I would have driven 10 hours to see our little guys play any sport. Their great grandmother even drove from Ocala to see his baseball game. He played an awesome game! (in his exact words). He really did play well and had a good time too. He played shortstop and got to bat twice and got hits both times. I think those two gloves he "had" to have really helped with that. He also had to slide when he came into home because he almost got thrown out. The ball was on the ground behind second base but it was a real close call. (No outs in T-ball!) After sliding in, he pointed to his knees and had a big grin on his face. After the game, he was so excited to show us how dirty he had gotten the knees of his pants. (You know, it's just not a good game unless you get to slide in a couple of times!) It is so much fun watching those little guys and gals play T-ball while they are still so innocent and without all the pressure to win they will have all too soon. The little guy playing first base hollered to his Mom in the stands that he was really getting tired and wanted to know how much longer the game would last. Oh to be 5 years old! Guess you know where we will be for the next 7 Saturdays. (and I can hardly wait!)

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