Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just another day on another farm.....

Seems like all we do lately is bounce from farm to farm with the little guys.  We had the three year old overnight this past Friday night so before he went home on Sat. afternoon we squeezed in one more farm.  This one is a true down home farm like in "Old McDonald Had A Farm Eee Eye Eee Eye Oh".  Actually it is called Uncle Donald's Farm and just when you get inside the fence, you know you are on a real farm.  Phewww Wheeee!!!  Not thinking, I wore flip flops and my feet were filthy when we got home.  We got a bag of corn and fed everything we were allowed to feed.  We saw Billy Goats, Cows, Rabbits,Turtles, Emu, Deer, Pigs, Horses, Otters, Racoons, Panthers, all kinds of chickens, ducks, ostrich, cranes, turkey (which bit the little guy on the finger). Ouch KK, I need some "magic cream" on my finger right now!  Magic cream is actually a name I began calling antibiotic ointment several years ago when the big guy had a boo boo.  He wouldn't allow anything to be put on it so I told him that I had some magic cream that makes it disappear in a couple of days and guaranteed not to sting or hurt.  Well, he agreed and after great results, he was a believer.  Every time anything happens to either of them they believe that magic cream will cure it!  A while back, the little guy had a sore throat and when we mentioned we may need to see the Doctor, he said can you just put some magic cream on it please.  Before he was potty trained, he would get a little diaper rash and stick his bottom in the air and ask for magic cream. 

He got to milk a goat and then feed a bottle of the milk to the baby goats.  We went on a hay ride and fed hay to the cows in the pasture.  We played in a hay maze.  We saw rats and snakes in the barn.  We saw a huge pig that looked just like Charlotte in Charlotte's Web.  He saw eggs that the hens had layed. And they had plastic owls in several locations.  Remember on a previous blog, I posted a picture of my owl that was recommended by the pest control service to keep snakes away?  Well, that is exactly why they had them! Once again, other than the turkey bite, we had a wonderful day on the farm.


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