Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun on the Farm

It has been awhile since we had our 5 year old with us for the weekend.  There was no T-ball game this weekend because of a tournament on the field so we borrowed him for a couple of days.  We ask him what he would like to do yesterday and he wanted to go back to Stanley Pond Farm.  We ran into some old friends there with their grandchildren so we had a very nice visit.  This is a great place to bring kids for several hours of fun.  They opened their pumpkin patch last week  so he picked out his pumpkin and decorated it.  I wanted to get more pictures but every time I turned around the the little monkey was back on the sand pile.  I seriously think he could have stayed there all day!  We talked him into fishing in the stocked pond and thought we would never get him away.  He probably caught 20 fish all together.  He caught  the biggest catfish and shiner of the day.  He had a little trouble getting the wiggly worms on the hook so he finally relented and let Pop Pop help out with that but he tried really hard first.  He is very stubborn (takes after his KK) and independent and thinks he is big enough to do everything by himself.  It was actually kind of comical at each activity we would visit.  Before he rode the horse, he told the girl in charge that he didn't need her to help him get on the horse, he could jump on himself.  At the air boat, he told the man he could push it out into the water then jump on by himself.  At the pond, same thing, he told the man in charge to just give him the worms and he didn't need anybody to help him throw into the water, he could do it himself.  Oh, and when the little gals at the craft table tried to help him with his pumpkin, he said I can do this all by myself.  It is frustrating sometimes but you gotta love his independence.
After we got home, he was still full of energy so Pop Pop took him to a baseball field to practice his hitting.  After that they headed to the driving range to hit golf balls.  When they got home he was pretty pooped!  I ask about his hitting and just as I thought, he wouldn't allow Pop Pop to show him how to hit baseballs or golf balls because he already knows how.  Don't have any pictures of that because Pop Pop is not as "snap happy" as me and  I was home making chili and downloading pictures for my blog!!
Today he goes home but there was one more stop he wanted to make," The Jungle  Zone Jumpee".   We told him we would probably be able to fit that in but it would depend on his behavior in church.  I will have to brag on him as his behavior couldn't have been better.  He took a piece of paper and practiced his alphabet and numbers.  He even sat quietly and listen to some of the sermon.  Needless to say, he got his trip to the jumpee.  He moves so fast it was hard to get good pictures there.  He met a little (er, big) boy there and they mainly chased each other playing tag.  As long as he was having fun.  Right?


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