Friday, October 29, 2010

Preschool Halloween Party

The little guy had his Halloween party and parade at the church school he attends on Thursday.  He has a few costumes to choose from but as expected, he wanted to be batman.  When he was getting dressed Thursday morning, he was determined to hold his batman laptop computer while I put his costume on.  When I tried to show him the sleeves would not go on over the laptop in his hand, he got really frustrated and tried to explain to me that it would.  He was determined to make it work.  After a while, he threw it down in frustration and it landed right on his big toe.  Now he was upset.  He has been showing this really stubborn streak lately.  (Don't know if KK's stubbornness has worn off on him or if it is a touch of Independence.)  After a few tears he finally gave up and got dressed.  When we were ready to leave, he put his mask on and I reminded him the teacher really discouraged things that covered their faces as they might fall while trick or treating through the church office.  He said I had misunderstood her and what she meant was if you weren't "big" enough to see good when you wear a mask you shouldn't wear one.  Ok, so we will take it and ask before we wear it.  Ok, KK you will see that I am right.  Guess what, the teacher thought it was great!  So much for that!

On the way home, he said, KK can I watch batman on "on demand" when I get home.  You will have to wait until Mommy gets home and talk with her about that, okay?  Well, I don't know why I can't ever watch it.  I said, sweetie, you know, Batman is not real, it is just a character and he cannot really jump from building to building and do all the things it looks like he can.  I know that KK, just the man inside of batman can do all that stuff.  His name is Bruce.  OK, so that explains why Mommy doesn't like you to watch it.


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