Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Easy to Make Tin Can Lanterns

The little guys and I made these cute lanterns to decorate their front porch for Halloween.  They were really easy to make and the boys were very proud of themselves when we were finished.  If you would like to make some, the instructions are as follows:

Can of various sizes (used aluminum or tin cans washed and with the wrapper removed)
large nail
soft towel
strong wire
wire cutters or pliers
orange spray paint
votive candles (white or orange)

Wash and soak cans a few minutes to remove paper wrapper.  Dry and fill about 1 inch from top with water.  Freeze.  While frozen, take out one can at a time to design.  Lay can on side on the soft towel and use hammer and nail to tap out face.  Don't forget to tap holes on each side for wire.  When all cans are designed, put on newspaper outside and spray paint inside and out.  When dry, put wire in each side and secure by twisting.  Place a votive candle in bottom and light.  You can hang these or set them around.  Important Note:  You will notice in my pictures that we painted the cans before tapping holes in them.  This was a mistake as I had to touch up the paint after we tapped the faces on them.  If you follow my instructions above it is less work.  Have fun!


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