Monday, August 23, 2010

Back To School, Time To Hero Up!

I am soooo excited I can hardly wait to pick up my little guys after their first day of school. I have sent prayers up for both (teachers too). My car is packed, I am headed to the gym, then off to St. Augustine for a couple of days. Actually, today is bittersweet. It is a milestone for both of my "little guys". The older one starts kindergarten today. I am so nervous as he has severe food allergies. (Much more about this in my upcoming "new" blog.) He is convinced he is a superhero and will "man up" to anyone, no matter the size. I feel some better knowing there is a school nurse on campus everyday.(not just for the allergies, but in case he decides to "hero up" and scale a building to save someone.) We have benedryl and epi-pens in a few locations around the campus for the allergies. My little sweet and innocent guy who will be three next month is starting to preschool today. Not one, but two preschools. He will be at a Baptist preschool two days a week and a Presbyterian two mornings. We are Methodist, go figure!! (At least he will be a well rounded Christian, right?) I am sure he will be just fine and absolutely love having playmates. He is unselfish, compassionate, thoughtful, loving, kindhearted (I could go on and on), so I know he will be a joy for his teacher just as he is for me.

After my two hour trek through the woods, I got to town in time to run by " another reason I like to come to St. Augustine". I am sharing a yummy picture with you. I am addicted to their original flavored yogurt. (with a few dark chocolate morsels) A girls needs her calcium, right? It was my lunch after all and I did workout this morning. I ate in the car and got to preschool at 2:15 to pick up my little guy. He was sound asleep on his mat along with donkey and "blankie". After gathering his lunchbox, backpack, and donkey, I slipped out trying not to wake the others. We were off to pick up his big brother. There were a gazillion cars and the line was a mile long at the elementary school. While we were waiting, the little one realized he had left "blankie" at the preschool and was terribly upset. Luckily, my Mom was in town and passing close by there when I called her. She picked it up and brought it to him. Thank the Lord for cell phones (and Moms)!

It was a great day for both! No tears! No wet pants at preschool. (we are about 90% potty trained). When I inquired about the wet shirt in the zip lock bag inside his backpack, he said he accidentally peed on it. (Oh, how did that happen? OK, whatever?!?) The little box of raisins was left in the lunchbox. When I ask about them, he said, Mrs. Deborah said he could not have them for a snack, he would need to save them for dessert after his lunch. I said, guess you were too full after lunch, huh? No, KK I don't like raisins for dessert. Imagine that? The teachers sent notes home with great reports. I thought we are off to a good start until I unpacked the five year olds' lunch box! Where in the world did you get this oatmeal pie? I don't know how it got in there. Did someone sitting beside you at lunch swap anything with you? No ma'am. Well, this is not acceptable. You are allergic to tree nuts, artificial dyes and flavors. This is why I am so worried about him being in "big" school now. This is really scary. His backpack and lunchbox have special stickers on them about the allergies. Mommy covered all the bases. The teacher, office staff, principal, school nurse, lunchroom ladies, everyone that needs to know has met with Mommy and understands the danger. How could this happen? We are not talking hives we are talking full blown anaphalactic reaction (life and death). Been there, done that! Guess Mommy will be going in late tomorrow so she can meet with someone at the elementary school. And so it goes in the life of a child with severe food allergies. You do everything you possibly can to prevent an accident and you PRAY a lot!


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