Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shhhhhhh, he's asleep!

Silent Thursday?!? Today has been anything but silent. I spent the day with my little monkeys at their home. I did manage to bake a fresh peach cobbler(before all the peaches went bad), do a couple loads of laundry, take the little one to his "meet the teacher" at his new preschool, read instructions on another computer game for the umpteenth (is that really a word?) time, helped turn over all the puzzle pieces (several times), take the dog on a few walks (with the kids in tow), fold and put away laundry, read books, and played superheros. Oh, we squeezed breakfast and lunch in there somewhere. Now that the little guy is all tuckered out, I can catch my breath and share a few pics of the day. (and enjoy a helping of peach cobbler) is so peaceful here. (for the moment)

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