Thursday, August 5, 2010

Silent Thursday - They rock my world!

I realize today is Thursday and I know I said each Thursday would be just photos and no chit chat but now that the grand babies are all tucked in I must share a heartwarming story. My daughter lives a couple hours away from me. Today, I met her half way to get the little monkeys so they could spend a couple of days with K K and Pop Pop. As I prepared to put the two year old to bed, he told me that tonight he did not want to read a story he just wanted to cuddle up and tell stories. As I began to tell him a story, he interrupted and said, "No K K, I want you to tell me a story about batman, superman, spider man and iron man. So I began with all the superheros at a picnic. No, K K not all of them together. I want you to tell me a story about each one of them. Oh, okay, I get it, so I started again with just batman. When I got to iron man, I asked him if he would tell the story and he agreed. I was shocked at how articulate he was and how detailed his story was. It actually made sense to me. With the lights out, we cuddled and began to say his prayers. After we said Amen and goodnight, he got real quite and I thought he had fallen off to sleep when I heard his little voice. He said, K K, "did you know that God and Jesus are superheros too." I said you are absolutely right but how did you know that? He said cause Mommy told me they save people too, so that makes them superheros, right? I said, that's right buddy and immediately he was sound asleep.

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