Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dreams For My Grandsons.....

What better time then the beginning of a new year to reevaluate your goals and dreams.   My goals remain "my goals" until they are achieved but my dreams are ever changing, depending on what stage of my life I am in.   Sometimes I dream about things that will probably never happen, like winning the lottery or being a size 6,  but mostly, my dreams are things I hope with all my heart will actually happen.   Life has a way of accelerating as we get older.  Days get shorter, and promises we have made to ourselves gets longer.   Recently, I compiled a list of "hopes and dreams" for my precious little grandsons.  One of the great things about blogging is that I not only have these things in my head, I put them in writing so my loved ones can hopefully, one day read them.  I am sure in the years to come, I can add a few more things to my list, but for now....
Dreams For My Grandsons
That they pray often and depend on God for daily guidance, comfort and strength.
That they know how deeply they are loved by their family
That they love themselves
That they show compassion and kindness to others
That they have respect for themselves and others
That they accept responsibility for their actions
That they have the ability to forgive
That nice really does matter
That they appreciate nature as God's gift to the universe
That they contribute to their church, community and society in a meaningful way
That they work hard but know how to play hard
That they develop a sense of humor and can laugh at themselves
That family, friends and traditions are always worth the effort
That they are honest and always keep their word
That they understand the value of patience
That they never stop listening and learning
That they exercise their body and mind often
That it is okay to cry
That they allow fear and adversity to make them stronger
That they learn from their mistakes
That they set goals and achieve them
That they create a strong bond of love for each other that connects them for a lifetime
That they are blessed with the happiness that a wife and children can bring
That they know, their spirit, their soul is the most enduring part of their being.

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